COME AND SING ONLINE - Saturday 12 September

Sat, 12 Sep 2020

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Other - Come & Sing
    Venue: At your own home - a Zoom choir event
    Dear singers,
    With apologies for our rather long silence about this year’s Come and Sing, we’re pleased to announce that we are proposing to go ahead with an exciting “COME-AND-SING-ONLINE 2020 (Zoom) on Saturday 12 September. We are delighted that Helen Swift has agreed to be our MD again.
    We intend that the event will be in 2 parts, each lasting 1.5-2 hours (to be confirmed) with a break of about 1 hour in between for lunch. We are investigating if we can offer some form of entertainment, such as solo items, during the lunch break. See also poster below
    On the day, Helen will run the workshop on Zoom (online), teaching the parts and bringing it all together with live piano accompaniment from husband Jon.
    Helen has done Zoom sessions with her other choirs and, as you might expect, creates a warm, friendly, encouraging and interactive atmosphere, linking people even though they are alone with their computers.
    This year participants will receive, in advance, the sheet music plus a set of audio learning tracks for individual voice parts as well as all-voice versions. It will be up to you to prepare in advance or leave it until the day! This is not about musical perfection, more about coming together to sing in whatever way we can, and of course for our chosen charities.
    Some of you will already be familiar with online singing like this, but we will provide information on how to connect to and use Zoom for those this is new to. Technically speaking, you will need to have an internet connection on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with microphone and webcam or inbuilt camera, although it’s possible to participate with sound only if you don’t have a camera and you will be able to see others even if they can’t see you!
    The cost to participate will be £10, plus any donation towards our chosen charities. If numbers of participants are such that we are more than able to cover our costs, any excess money, as in previous years, will go to our charities - SharingLife Trust (Thame) and Wycombe Homeless Connection.
    To know if we can make this work, we’d be grateful for your firm expression of interest (or preferably commitment!) by 15 August. Please reply to
    Everyone welcome; please tell your friends!
    In hope and with love,
    Ralph and Ruth