Benson Choral Society
Benson Choral Society

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18 June 2017Henley Standard's review of the concert on 10th June - Byways of Beethoven
15 May 2017Concert Poster 10th June
10 May 2017Benson Choral Society rehearsal schedule for 2017 2018
24 April 2017German Pronunciation Guide
24 April 2017Choral Fantasia Translation
05 April 2017Review of the St John Passion concert from the Henley Standard
29 March 2017BCS Expenses Form
29 March 2017BCS Receipts Form
04 December 2016Picture from the Verdi Requiem, and review from the Henley Standard
12 October 2016Changes at Benson Choral Society
08 October 2016BCS - AGM 2016 Papers
08 October 2016BCS Accounts 2016 (pdf Version)
08 October 2016BCS Accounts 2016 (Spreadsheet Version)
05 October 2016Poster for the Verdi Requiem - 26th November
03 September 2016BCS Subscription Form for 2016-17
31 March 2016This gives a list of all the works performed at concerts since 2000. A list from 1980 is available.
19 March 2016Dorchester Parking map. Please take a look at this when deciding to take part in or go to an event in the Abbey
09 January 2016Map showing the car parks that can be used in the evening in Wallingford
09 January 2016Map showing the car parks that can be used during the day in Wallingford
07 January 2016Map showing where Choir Members live
16 October 2015Chairman's report for 2014-15
13 October 2015BCS Accounts October 2015
13 October 2015Treasurer's Report 2015
30 September 2015Agenda AGM 2015 - 13th October
30 September 2015Minutes AGM 2014
15 September 2015Subscription Form 2015-16
15 September 2015BCS Newsletter September 2015